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    When it comes to multitasking, WebOS can't be beat; however, other smartphone manufacturers are sure to be improving the way their operating systems deal with multitasking. Palm needs to make sure it's not complacent. Attached is my quick mockup (I'm sure the idea behind it isn't new though) on how to slightly improve upon WebOS's already amazing multitasking functionality. Yeah, there are three Phone Apps on there. I got lazy, hence the "quick mockup."

    In short, its true benefit shines when many cards are open at once. Instead of swiping all the way to the beginning of the deck if you're on card 9 for example, this enhancement allows the cards to be arranged in a circular fashion. Want to go back to card 1 even though you're on card 9 (your last card)? Simply swipe ahead once more in order to loop back to card 1. I know you can minimize the cards and go back quickly with a few swipes, but I find this new way prettier. Besides, you can still have the same functionality with this method too.

    You can also see more of your cards in one glance as opposed to only 4 at one time with the current setup (and you need to be in minimized card view for that).

    If there are simply too many cards, the cards in the background can take on a nice translucent form and snap back into focus once it makes its way towards the front of the circle. I guess it's only necessary if the hardware can't process all of the cards at once.

    Like I said, it's a small enhancement (in my opinion). Others may not like it I guess. It's hard to improve on something that's already implemented so well! What does Pre|Central think?
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    I like it
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    not bad. Id love the option to choose how your cards are displayed (grid, cascade, the normal way, and your carousel idea)
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    i like it but i really like htc's take on the cards where theyre pages in a book
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    its actually not bad at all, my only concern is if this type of card system will consume too much system resources.

    also, its a bit busy.
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    Great idea, I love it. It think it should be implemented as an option to Palm already splendid multitasking. Option 1. Classic view
    Option 2. Azure Viper View

    Great idea and implementation. Can someone make a patch for that.
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    Me likes. hhuumm
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    My name is Ilya. And I approve of the OP's message.

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    slick idea, reminds me of sprints "pre experience" webpage when the pre first came out. I personally don't see the need to change the way it is now though. But I sure wouldn't turn down this option if it were available.
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    i wonder if TMobile has a patent on that.
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    As someone that uses the 'ring switcher' plugin in compiz on my ubuntu laptop, I fully endorse the idea.
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    Kinda reminds me of cover flow which i think is garbage. BUT, I like this! I think this is perfect. I thought of making more cards visible at one time (see link below) but like this much better. Nice job!
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    Good thought, but seems to be unnecessarily confusing.

    Most people won't have THAT many cards open.
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    Looks slick to me, too gives it a 3d appearance. Hope Palm is looking into it...
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    that looks pretty awesome nice mockup
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    I would be happy if they simply maintained the horizontal format but wrapped around from first to last and last to first when scrolling. That should be simple to impliment too.
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    I like it.
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    nice idea and with the option on how you want it arrange it.
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    Nokia's Maemo handles multitasking similar to this, although not quite as neatly. I think they are quite a way off from releasing a polished OS though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    its actually not bad at all, my only concern is if this type of card system will consume too much system resources.

    also, its a bit busy.
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