This is so frustrating! My phone has a mind of it's own. My pre randomly won't let me answer the 2nd call while on the phone. And it's not everytime. I was on the phone today with sprint, while I was dicusiing this issue I heard my phone beeping that meaning I have a call waiting but nothing popped up!! Then I call my friend on my wok phone she said yea I jus called you but you didn't pick up! Ha so I tell the sprint guy hold on, I call my cell from my work phone and it rings and I look on my cell I hear the beeps but NOTHING SHOWS UP! I told sprint I did a hard reset didn't fix it. I'm really upset, anyone else having this problem? And what's weird is I was jus on the phone and got a 2nd person calling and it showed up! Like I said it's random, somone help! Sprint doesn't know anything! Thx in advance