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    I am dying to get a Palm Pre to replace my Treo 680. I have been using the palm platform since 1999 and thus do not want a blackberry (I don't use outlook for my contacts or calendar). The problem is the company I work for uses Goodlink for wireless email and Goodlink currently does not support the Pre or Pixi. Does anyone know if the support is on the horizon?
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    Hmmm, seeing as how Good makes the product for the iPhone and Android, perhaps you could ask them? I seriously doubt you would find anyone here more knowledgeable on Good's products or product plans that you would at the actual company.
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    Send a message to them.

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    The Good Mobile Messaging (nee GoodLink) site says webOS support coming 1st quarter 2010. Having used (and loved) Good for years, I would not hold my breath for a firm date. I do see that they feature webOS prominently in their iPhone propaganda so that is a Good (sorry) sign of things to come.
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    From Good's website...

    The Good client for webOS will be available through the Palm App catalog in Q1 2010. (still not going to hold my breath...)
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    I hope Q1 2010 is true, but they said by the end of Oct 2009 before.
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    I hope so too. I wonder if they had to wait for whatever is baked into 1.4 before they could start more serious testing??
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    I was recently paid a visit by a Palm rep with sales folks from VZW. They say that the Good client is being rewritten to take advantage of features added to webOS allowing access to the Pre & Pixi PIM databases (1.4??). The rep said they are shooting for June to get the client out. At this point I will believe it when I see it....
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    Does anyone know if this ever came to fruition?
    If not, with the Enterprise support for Touchpad and 3.0 do we know if Goodlink support is planned?

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