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    Well I am looking to get my first smartphone and really excited that the Pre Plus will be offered next Monday on Verizon. After looking through some of the threads regarding the Pre's e-mail application, I have some concern as to how it would handle e-mail attachments. Basically, what I was planning to do is have my work e-mail set up on an exchange server so I can sync e-mails, contacts, and calendar items. The nature of my work requires the transfer of files such as documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, and AutoCAD drawings. I was hoping to be able to receive these files and copy the attachments to my laptop, preferably using Bluetooth. At that point I could review and edit the attachment, save the attachment to the Pre, put the attachment in an e-mail, and send it on its way.

    I know that Verizon will offer the ability to use the Pre as a wifi hotspot, but knowing them, it would probably cost me another $30 per month and that is not in my wireless budget right now.

    Have any of the latest updates given the user an option to save attachments to a specific location or would I still need the internalz program to root into the pre to find them? Also, does the Pre have the ability to share files via bluetooth?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Bluetooth file transfer = "No" right now.

    You can download files but will need to connect to your computer via the USB cable to get them off the device.

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