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    Hey, know of a program to synchronize the Pre?
    Similar to Palmdesktop

    O Palm project is to take something for future aplication?

    I hate to use the cloud of google.
    What alternatives do I have?
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    Another one is PocketMirror.
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    Yes, I create this threat of the programs to make this.

    I'm looking to use the Palm Desktop with:
    USB sync with Palm Pre. Sync Palm Pre with Palm Desktop, Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, and other PC software

    But I have a small problem that I give to synchronize, you doing, just the sincronzacion. automatically synchronize and back, and never stops
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    Companionlink is pricey (about 40$) but it is FABULOUS software.... I recently used it to sync ACT! to Google, then sync'd Google down to both a BlackBerry Storm2 AND a Pre with 3400 some odd contacts- utilizing google to select what syncs and what doesnt... it is simply awesome.
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    I have tried CompanionLink, had a problem that did not stop synchronizing with a new version fix, but I have other problems.

    Sometimes I do not know what makes me start to make duplicates of contacts in palmdektop, many are simply places a space before the telephone or the change of site, for example I have. particularly mobile and down the order because it varies.

    And another thing that I give that connect with the cable, syncs, turn off, I Comapionlink program in the Pre, I synchronized and does nothing.
    I put in calendar / contacts CompanionLink account by default.

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