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    Other than the upcoming 1.4 update, what else excites you (if anything) about the prospect of Palm's webOS platform in 2010?

    I'm personally excited for the premium app catalogue to be finally available in Europe in March, and hopefully some great 3D games to go with it.
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    I'm excited for the European App Catalog But I'm also excited to see the next hardware model. I think that particularly in Europe WebOS would sell a lot better if it were presented in a full touchscreen device similar in looks to a Nexus or iPhone. It just seems to be what the European market wants. I think Palm needs to cover all angles and while I prefer a physical keyboard I think they'd sell a lot more phones with a full touchscreen model.
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    The fact that it's coming to the carrier that I'm on.
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    I'm looking to this summer, when we'll probably have a better built webOS device on Sprint.
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    i'm really jsut excited to see how EbOS evolves in general. if i had to pick a couple of things as being especially exciting to me, i'd say: streamlineing the code for more effecient operation overall; seeing the PDK and development tools put to use, and what devs come up with for our platform; WebOS being in more hands in general; and a hardware upgrade with more speed, RAM, flash memory, and a *slightly* (it has to still be mega-pocketable) larger screen.
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    I'm just glad to see the App Catalog (and homebrew community) is growing.
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    My Santa list includes:
    - App catalog in Canada
    - WebOS 1.4
    - WebOS 1.5 and beyond
    - Pre 2 with all the fixin's
    - Bell to pick up said Pre 2
    - Toronto Maple Leafs to win Lord Stanley's Cup
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    Here's my list:

    1. Very slightly larger device with larger screen and larger keyboard, but still the same overall design as the Pre (portrait slider, curved form, clean and elegant). Assumed here are that quality is superior and design issues have been ironed out. If Palm can't figure out how to keep the strengths of the Pre while making it bigger, then the same form factor as the Pre with an up-to-date CPU/GPU, maximum allowable storage (64GB would be nice), increased RAM, and perhaps expandable storage. Key here is to keep the strengths of the Pre intact (e.g., small size, excellent screen that's viewable in daylight, usable keyboard, etc.).

    2. WebOS 2.0 providing enhanced PIM apps and full GPU utilization throughout the UI (via CSS transforms, most likely).

    3. The PDK fully integrated into the SDK such that developers can truly leverage the simplicity of Mojo/Ares while having access to creating/reusing robust C/C++ code for more advanced capabilities.

    4. App parity with iPhone and Android, not in terms of quantity but in terms of the major players. That is, when a company like American Express makes an app, it's released on the iPhone, Android, and WebOS simultaneously. This means that WebOS reaches whatever critical mass in terms of units that such support makes sense.

    Really, it's amazing to me that I can't think of much more than that.
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    1. SPEED
    2. Less Janky hardware.

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