This has just started happening a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was a one-time glitch. A restart seemed to fix it, and I forgot about it until it started doing the same thing the other day. The problem is when I place the phone to my ear to talk, all sound (in and out) cuts out. When I pull it away from my ear, everything is fine. Put it back, everything cuts out again. Putting the phone on speaker or plugging in the earpiece works fine, but that's just a temporary fix. It's not the "phone stuck in earpiece mode" issue, because if I don't have the phone up to my ear, it functions properly -- I can hear sound coming from the earpiece, and the caller can hear me talking.

This is a hard one to report to the local Sprint store because it's tough to recreate. Has anyone had any luck returning a phone due to this without the Sprint store being able to recreate it? The phone works OK (couple of random problems now and then) otherwise, and I've never dropped it or mishandled it. But when it does act up with this issue, it's a real pain in the ****.