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    is it possible to copy numbers from the call log? And is it possible from the call log to sms a person?
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    in the call log, there should be a button to the right of the call with a + if it is not in your contacts. Press the button and a new contact will start up. You can sms from there and/or save it as a new contact.
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    thanks i knew this, what if its a known contact?
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    what about copying single words and not lines/ paragraphs in the web and email apps?
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    If it's a known contact, you can either tap their photo and SMS from the contact entry that pops up, or Universal Search their name and SMS from there.

    To copy a word, hold SHIFT and drag your finger over the word to highlight it. Then put one finger on the gesture area so it lights up and hit C.
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    yeah thought those were the only ways, seems a bit long but oh well. adn the only way to copy their numebr is to go and edit the contact aswell.

    as for the copy, i have tried that but it alwasy jsut selects the whole block of text.

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