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    ... but in general I think the non-tech users will simply chose to avoid the issue by not "tweaking" their phones ... and I think Palm will "win" by getting more developer (and pseudo-developer) interest this way.
    Agreed. The majority of users aren't going to bother tweaking their phones. Its just not worth it to them. But on forums such as this the issue gets amplified and it appears as though this is a big issues for the MASSES when it really isn't; but it's a big issue for the geeky folks that frequent the forums.
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    There were many reports throughout the forum around Christmas time that Bust Buy and possibly other retailers were loading Preware before sending the customer on their way...

    I'm sure it wasn't corporate policy, more likely some sales associates thinking they were being helpful.
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    I think another possible cause of the drop in app purchases is developers (EA, etc) recently raising the bar in terms of app quality. This is definatley the case for me. After I tried out Monopoly and Need for Speed, I found it very hard to spend X amount of dollars for an app that, by comparsion, is elementary and extremely unrefined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leathal View Post
    On the other hand, Palm picked a very bad time to stop the doctor from doing an automatic full erase as even doctoring your phone to 1.3.5 wouldn't fix the issue unless it was preceded by a manual full erase.
    Actually, a doctor would 100% fix the issue. The issue had to do with /var space which is wiped on a doctor.

    I know a lot of homebrew devs were testing 1.3.5 for a good bit before it went public, I'm surprised the problem wasn't discovered in testing given how widespread it seems to be.
    There was/is no way to test OTA update.

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    i had the app issue and i had to doctor as the tool didnt work for me, nor did following the advice that several offered in the forums. had i known the doctor was so easy i would have done it in the first place. not complaining as i knew to expect this the moment i entered the konami code

    o or 1 star app reviews should be edited/removed if due to installation issues from 1.3.5.

    also agreeing that nfs and such have raised the bar. i'm not spending $1 on every app when i can be more choosy and pick up ported games
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    I thought the same thing as the OP for a while but there is something we are forgetting.

    For MONTHS people were able to install more apps BECAUSE of preware. They implemented a partial fix to the issue that allowed hundreds of people to buy hundreds of apps that otherwise wouldn't have been purchased. So while the unfortunate interference with the app catalog most certainly sucks, I'd say palm is still more indebted to homebrew than frustrated by it.
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    I have a hard time ponying up money for an app that I can't try out first. For instance, I am interested in the Bad Kitty Twitter app, but apparently it will cost money (albeit not much). So, will I pay for it essentially site-unseen or stick with the Tweed Free or Spaz (currently free) that I have now?

    To say nothing of the games that cost a relatively large chunk of change. I've never played any form of NFS, so how do I know I want to throw down the money on it?

    IMHO, if there has been a decline in purchases of apps the devs should look at whether or not people have been burnt by paying for subpar apps because they couldn't be tried out first.
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