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    Both myself and wife have the pre's. My phone is fine, but my wife's phone has debris inside of the camera lens. I know that it is tobacco from her cigarettes. She will throw the phone in her purse and it is inevitable that this will happen, but I don't see anyway to remove them, there is about 4 little pieces in there now. Pretty soon the camera will be rendered not usable. Is there anyway to remove them without a major overhaul? I can understand that this is not a warranty concern, but i am shocked that it can get in there very easily.
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    I work for a company that makes a powder product. I got some powder on the back of my lens. Same as you, it is useless. Luckily, it is a replacement that already had issues, and I am getting a new replacement now. This would be something that would be good to know. Otherwise I am going to be paranoid that it will happen again.

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