Recieved my O2 Pre yesterday after an initial delay (O2 forgot to order it!!), no touchstone charger as promised, so not the best of starts.
First thoughts, build quality, awful, i have owned lots of mobiles from an old Motorola MicroTac to Sony Ericssons, Samsungs to my last, a Nokia N95 (slider).
The front (top) portion of the Pre can be twisted side to side by about 2mm each way, dosen't feel to bad when the slider is fully opened but it feels very fragile in the closed position!!
Removing the back to insert the battery and SIM requires a thumb nail like a spanish guitar player (i had to use a guitar plectrum :-) ) and the back feels "flimsy" like it wouldn't last if removed to many times.
Firstboot took a couple of minutes.
Account setup was painless, flawless and worked perfectly syncing straight away with my facebook/gmail accounts and allowing me to link contacts with numbers already on my sim.
webOs is simply brilliant, a quick run through of the on phone tutorial and i was flicking, swiping and re-arranging cards second nature.
I have found it stutters sometimes that that could just be me being a little impatient :-)
It has kept perfect time for the last 18 hours (i have a 3g and wireless connection at home) and a test alarm set for 5 minutes time worked perfectly (had read you could only set one for the next day).
I have been playing hard with it for the last 5 hours and the battery still shows 69% so again a pleasant suprise after reading battery horror stories.
So once O2 have delivered a replacement for what i now know is called "oreo" effect i think over all i will be happy.

Can the calendar display events in colour when on month view?
Can Facebook live chat be used? i tried navigating to the "full" site but it keeps defaulting to x.facebook?
Is there a way to set-up profiles (not account profiles) like Nokia et-al, you know like "meeting, outside, handsfree, silent" with different volume levels/alerts rather than just the stock on/off ringer option or having to go into settings to change things?
Can anybody in the UK/Europe recommend a case and screen cover along the lines of the Seidio Innocase/USG ones available in the States?

Ta :-)