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    Can someone make a virtual keyboard like the one the blackberry storm 2...
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    well im guessing it cant be done...
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    That would be cool I think. I love the virtual keyboard now but I only really use it for text messaging in landscape. This would make it easier for me to use it straight up since the original virtual keyboard buttons are a bit small for me without being in landscape.
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    that would be a pain without the SureType software.
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    It could... you could probably do it if I understand the themes correctly.

    If you go looking around at how the themes/skins work it might be pretty simple, though if it assumes a 1:1 then you'll have to edit the keyboard yourself.

    If you get luck you might catch someone willing to work on this who'll use it, but unless there's alot of people asking for it I don't think anyone would spend the time since we have a nice physical keyboard and a well working full virtual keyboard.
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    if ur typing in portrait mode, there is this nice slide out physical keyboard.

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