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  • Seidio Innocase

    5 71.43%
  • Body Glove Faux

    2 28.57%
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    I cannot decide what I should get, it's between 2 different cases. I'm hoping the community can help. I've looked at every case out there, and all the reviews, and the reviews are very mixed. So, I turn to the community to see if any help is available.

    Seidio Innocase Surface vs. Body Glove Faux Nylon snap on.
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    My Innocase broke after 10 days. I picked up a new on on ebay for next to nothing.
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    A close friend loved her Innocase but be warned that both cases can scratch your device from things going between the case and the device and rubbing. But like the previous poster hers has broken more than once. Those little snaps cannot take any damage at all.
    I myself might go without a case or maybe those hip cases
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    I have 2 Pre's and have a body glove on both. They fit perfectly, but each half is held on by four very thin tabs. I have broken the tabs on 2 cases and counting from very small falls. I have called and recieved free replacements, but that is getting old. It does not scratch like a previous post said, it has a felt like lining to prevent that, even with dirt getting in. Overall it is a good case b/c it fits PERFECTLY, hopefully you will have better luck with the tabs holding up.
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    I have the black rocketfish from BB. Had it going on 4 months, its thicker than the innocase but it is sturdy, fits great and looks good.
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    i have an innocase. complaints are all true - tabs broke on the top piece of mine, although it was fine for 3+ months, and seidio sent me a free replacement within a week. just need an invoice of some kind - i forwarded my amazon receipt and bam, a free replacement. haven't tried the body glove, but it seems like a similar design as far as how it attaches.
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    Another vote for busted innocase. We are in the process of getting it replaced. The size and texture are perfect, but those tabs stink. We also had an innocase holster that broke
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    Its not a mentioned option, but there is a Sprint case that has a built in slider mechanism that reinforces the existing slider mechanism in the Pre. The result is a combination that make the Pre feel rock solid and protects it well. The only drawbacks are that this case is kinda bulky and the front facing part of it is kinda tacky (red or silver colored). If this doesn't bother you though, you might want to consider it.
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    I've seen a lot of bad reviews on the Innocase.
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    I have the silver Innocase going on 3 months and no issues

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