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    First the volume button was glitching and froze on the screen. I did the paper trick where you stick it into the volume keys and it worked. Then the "power off" button kept popping up randomly. I had to go do something so i placed it on the touchstone to charge. About 30 minutes later i came back and saw the big white usb logo on the screen. Remember it's on a touchstone not connected to PC. So i took it off to see what happen and it went blank. Now it won't turn on at all. i tied taking out the battery and everything. I did a online chat with a rep and said keep it plugged in for a hour to test if it's the battery. But it's not the battery.

    Ok so i plugged it into the pc to see what happens. I was googling solutions then out of no where the usb logo popped up. I immediately click on webosdoctor to see if it would work. YES! it did, once it reached 100% the "restart" message popped up. I clicked on done and then it went back to the damn usb logo! The phone never rebooted. I pressed the power button and it went straight to black! now i'm back to sqaure one. Now im scared it's even worse since the webosdoctor never completed.

    I have the phone plugged into the pc hoping it lights up again but i have a gut feeling it might not.
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    go to the sprint store, and tell then you have a defected pre, they will give you a new one, free of charge since it's covered under warranty

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