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    Ok guys so I got my new phone...and already I'm having problems.

    I notice that at certain times...the screen will just stop working. As in stop responding to my touches.

    If I then (don't pass out guys) bang it against my desk and then try it's all good. And, by the way, I normally don't abuse my electronics. I just happened to find this little gem of a trick out on accident when the screen stopped working before and I then drop it onto my desk (Harder than usual) and it started working again.

    Does anyone know what MIGHT be going on, and what I can do to alleviate this symptoms? PS....I'm getting my NEXT replacement tomorrow morning.
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    Try removing your battery, slide the phone open, hold between your thumb and forefinger and pinch (very hard) where the 'P' key is located on the keyboard. There is a cable and plug there that can sometimes come loose from the motherboard.
    Reinsert the battery and power back up..

    I've seen this trick work on several occasions. Good luck!
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    Bad phone, nothing new... im on my 3rd one.. needing a 4th. I love WEB_OS, but cant stand the build issues on this phone, and now sprint wants me to dish out full price for another PRE...

    Im not spending 500 plus on a phone that cant last me more than 3 months... get ready for the Blown speaker, 2)bad headphone jack 3)volume rocker falling (out of nowhere) 4)charging cover falling 5) stress cracks on the phone, and many many more...
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    Well this is now m 4th Pre. The one tomorrow morning is going to be the 5th. Damn I honestly didn't think I'd be the one that this would happen to.

    And keep in mind that I got my 1st Pre in the middle of November and had it up until LAST WEEK. meaning I've been through THAT MANY Pre's within a weeks time.
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    Got my first one in early September and like TheRQTekt I will be getting 3rd refurb in less than a week tomorrow or Wed. I think we are having issues with the refurbs because they are all earlier warranty date phones, so have more of the original build issues than the phones we bought last fall. If my next refurb has these issues, I'm gonna attempt to demand (politely -- I like my Sprint repair guys, they're helpful and can talk tweaks and patches, albeit off the record) a brand new one. If that doesn't work, I'll just keep trading refurbs till I get a good one.
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    Anyone think these same issues will continue w/ the Pre/Pixi Pluses on Verizon? Since they improved the keyboard and the slider I guess that doesn't necessarily mean they fixed the "little" bugs that occur.
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    Oooo Jebus. Ok so I just got the NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW refurb so I'm hoping this one sticks.
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