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    the usb slot cover of my pre fell off, and I dnt knw where is it now... IS IT COVERED BY INSURANCE?? I Want my pre to still look nice...
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    Everything is covered by insurance, you just have to pay the deductible... If you're asking if it's covered under the warranty, I would guess no.

    Best thing to do is take it to a store and ask, you might get lucky.
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    Actually, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $usb$ $door$ $falling$ $off$ $is$ $a$ $known$ $issue$ $and$ $is$ $covered$ $under$ $the$ $warranty$, $but$ $I$ $may$ $be$ $wrong$.
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    not as far as my experience but i managed to find something else wrong to justify swapping it out
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    My door has been gone for 2 mos. I vote one for insurance claim and maybe on the warranty. Might have had a better shot if you went in with the door in hand. I know with my luck they would just say it's abuse.
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    Mine fell out. Then I just put it back in and it stayed. All happy here.
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    how much will I pay for deductable? And for how long d warranty is?
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    If I recall correctly the manufacture warranty is one year, since the phone didn't come out until June, it's not possible to be past that yet. The warranty only covers things that can be considered manufactures defects, so if the Sprint Store thinks the damage is due to misuse or mistreatment, they will make you file an insurance claim. You can always try a different Sprint Store though, if you think you'll get better results.

    The insurance deductible, if you're on Sprint, is $100 for the Pre (or any other Smart Phone).
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    You can try a Sprint store and if they have extra spare doors, they'll give you one.

    If not, call Palm and they'll mail a replacement door out to you for free.

    No need to file an insurance claim. It's probably a $0.02 part.

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