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    Same here, mine went down with the same error on Feb 8. Worked in the morning, received that error in the afternoon. I did a partial erase on my Pixi and it is working now. (I hate all the personalization that is lost during the reset though).
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    Given the amount of time that has past, Palm or the Homebrew community should have already figured this one out, that or they are playing dumb because of some security loop hole tha tmay be present.

    But If someone ust a had a list of all the files related to SprintNav we oculd jsut force a replace of each of those files via the repair program and be on our way with wiping the phone over one program

    Plus the Sprint website mentions Nav v2.8 coming the end of this month or early march
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    Thanks to Horatio8 for the partial erase suggestion. I had the same prob and the partial erase fixed it. I also suspect that it is caused by a bug in one of the app downloads I did so I erased most of them as I couldn't pin-point the specific app that made my Pre sick. Make sure to do a manual back up before you erase. Palm restored everything automatically during the reboot after the erase. Only took a few minutes to log back in to all my password protected apps.

    BTW, the new 1.4 download seems to work fine for me so camera feature is cool!
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    Well I cant believe that I have gone this long without my damn Sprint Nav working!

    I was trying to be patient in hopes that it would fix itself LOL (although deep inside I knew that I would end up having to do a damn Partial Erase! AHHHH!) Haha, im too lazy to back up my stuff!! And just when I got my Pre synced PERFECTLY with my contacts, calenders, apps, etc.

    Thanks for the replys, very informative!
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    I have updated, done webos doctor extract of the ipk files(and reinstalled them) and still nothing is fixing it, there has to be some fix for this, without doctoring...
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