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    I use YouTube constantly will no troubles at all. I even use the patch to download the YT videos and save them to my phone. All works with ease- sorry you are having the troubles.
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    never had a problem with you tube, have my tether installed as well.
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    I've had a wierd issue too. Seems like there are a few videos that will not play if i am connected to my home wireless. It wont load, and gives me the error stating the file can not be played. If i disconnect from the wireless, the video will play.

    I am chalking it up to a problem with my router, but haven't gone as far as restarting it. I was jut curious if anyone was having this problem too.
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    I get the occasional error, but most of the time youtube loads up no issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudementry View Post
    Works fine for me... Except I can never find music videos and stuff like by universalmusicgroup. My friend's blackberry's youtube can't find em either, yet when we use a computer they pop right up. It drives me crazy. Why is it like that?
    A lot of music labels have lots of restrictions on their videos, and are not allowed to be viewed to be a mobile platform. Hopefully the addition of Flash will circumvent that.
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    i dont use it a lot but i have never had a problem either. i get bored and watch half a video about once every other week, i quit because i get bored of watching the video.
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