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    I have searched everywhere to see if the Pre Plus will have visual voicemail when it comes to Verizon. I would think that Verizon would have demanded it from Palm since it is a money maker, but I find absolutely no mention of it anywhere from anyone who has laid hands on it.

    I would really love to have it, but I will probably get a Pre Plus either way. I am SO ready to be rid of Blackberry. If it does not have Visual Voicemail, I guess I will have to use one of the 3rd party apps that requires forwarding missed calls (not something I want to do).

    Anybody have any inside info on Visual Voicemail? Thanks,
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    Most likely the only way to get 'visual voicemail' from any carrier now or in the future will involve using conditional call forwarding to Google Voice or YouMail or some other service like that. Add a GV app and a dataplan, bingo, you got visual voxmail.
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    We would love some Verizon testers for YouView when you get your phone.
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    I am curious if anyone knows who writes the software for the visual voicemail app on the Verizon Windows Mobile phones. Are the voicemail APIs open or available for someone to write an application for the pre/pixi plus? Obviously you still have to pay for the service on Verizon but it seems like that is access control on their end. I would imagine if we could get an app written all we would need is an account with VVM enabled.


    Is this something we will just have to wait for Verizon to add and would they "sell" it in the app catalog?

    I know most if not all of this would be speculation...and yet I am interested.
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    The option to add it is listed online when building your plan - cost is $2.99/month, however when I received it - no dice. I called and asked to which everyone I spoke with says "coming in a few weeks, not available yet." I'm guessing it will be part of the 1.4 update due out in the next couple of days.
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    Me - went from Moto Q (Win Mobile) -> HTC Hero (Android) -> Palm Pre (webOS - Sprint) -> Palm Pre (WebOS - Verizon) - Love My Pre WITH Verizon.

    Wife - went from iPhone -> HTC Hero (Android) -> Palm Pre (webOS - Sprint) -> Palm Pre (WebOS - Verizon) = "Likes" the pre wants iPhone on Verizon (I guess she can dream)

    Weve been with ATT, Sprint and Verizon all in the last three months.

    Not sure what YouView is but happy to share my experience with carriers and phones.

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