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    Hello All, I just wanted to ask for suggestions on some launcher page categories/ideas. So far I have added the Enable add/delete launcher pages patch and the Launcher Headings Patch. I just wanted some help with cleaning up my pre pages and what you all have listed under each. here is what I have so far:

    Main- email, clock, photos, camera, videos, (hopefully video recorder soon), memmos, tasks, calculator

    Apps-all dowloaded apps from preware adn the app catalog (minus games)

    Contacts- I have the link to open the contacts app, LaunchPoint app, and all the direct dial contacts created by launch point

    Games- Pretty much all playable games

    Utilities- Back up, Device info, internalz, help, regional settings, luna manager, devmode launcher location ervices, bluetooth settings, date & time, gps toggle, reset button, screen & lock, sounds & ringtones, wi-fi settings, updates, sprint icon
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    I have
    Main-Social Networking/Messaging/email/GPS/Translator/Currency Converter/Weather
    News/Links-Feeders, New Apps, Homemade Bookmarks
    Media-Music Players/Photos/Movies
    Apps-Preware/App Cat/Filecoaster/AppScoop
    System-Wifi/Bluetooth/Mytether/Camera/Calc, anything with a systems or utilities feel

    Thats how I am using it. I like that patch. There have been a couple times when I've had to give my phone to a friend, so this makes it easier for other people to find stuff.
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    contacts,batt monitor,preware,email,facebook,reset button,calender,calculator,tasksmemos,luna mnger




    music,music remix,pandora,youtube,amazonmp3,videos,photos,camera,accu radio


    google maps,where,accu weather,friendsbook,palmbook,friends flow,mcraig,gdial pro,wiki how,etc

    FUN n MISC apps

    slacker button,score keeper,dumb waiter,dont taze me man,seismograph,bubble level


    app catalog,sounds n ringtones,screen n lock,wifi,bluetooth,location,device info,update,backup,pdf n doc view,help,date n time


    web, text msging, phone dilaer, flashlight

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