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    Sorry to start a new thread but I couldn't find anything specifically about this elsewhere although I am certain it must have been discussed.

    I'm going skiing in a few weeks so I downloaded the highest resolution image I could find of the piste map for the resort with the intention of using a copy on my Pre for those awkward moments when you lose your paper copy and are stuck up the mountain unsure of the right way down.

    It all went well until I tried to view the downloaded map which I had copied to my albumns. No matter how much I zoomed in I was loosing about half the resolution making all the trail/lift names and other details unreadable. The map has a resolution of 2480x1753 which is only just enough to be readable. It views fine on the Pre web browser and as an attachment in an email but when viewed via the picture album it is all pixelated.

    Is there a solution?

    I'm using if it makes any difference.

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    So, noone else got this problem then?

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