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    well, ive never really used my pre to play music, but i did find some interesting stuff about it in trying too.....

    aac files arent properly supported. I transfered some ringtones in that format, they didnt play

    wma isnt supported at all.

    some mp3 files dont play either

    all these files play fine on every device i have used i tried music remix, but that doesnt app support for more file types.

    1. So i was wondering is there a better solution? because right now i have loads o ringtones, sms tones etc i want to use, but cant.....
    2. also why is it that the Pre only has a handful of tones?
    3. Last question, is internalz working for anybody?

    thanks in advance
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    The music players currently don't have thier own codecs they only use the built in ones of the Pre. A list of supported formats are available on the Palm site and here somewhere I can't remember them off-hand.

    There are plenty of Music conversion software which will take any file in any format and change it to one the Pre can play. I would suggest doing a search for music conversion or even something along the lines of wma to mp3.

    And internalz works fine for me, did you make sure to install the File Manager Service and restart the Pre?
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    Supported formats are listed on device info screen I believe...

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