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    Tried to use a cheapo hole punch left a uncut and dirty edge. So being farsighted I used a microscope and a scalpel to clean the cut. So far so good looks OK my first attempt looked better though. Anyway thanks again everyone for the help.
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    Well all looked good until I went to use the phone app. The the black screen came back and I had to reset the phone. I even used a microscope to make a clean cutout just to the right of the ear piece (chrome bar).

    I think I hit the right spot. Anyway tore it off and emailed phanton skinz for assistance. I like having it on but losing the ability to use the phone won't work for me.

    Well I'll keep trying. Might go to best buy let them put one on so if it does not work I can blame them and thay can keep trying..
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    Make sure you account for the entire sensor when cutting out the required space.

    Sorry, only camera I could find has no macro mode!

    Prox_Sens .JPG
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    FWIW, I have PhantomSkinz on mine and no problem ... and in general the comments on PhantomSkinz have been very positive. So, I'm thinking there must be something else going on ... although I'm not sure what to suggest if removing the skin fixes the problem. Could be an extra-sensitive detector I guess?
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    yes thats my delema. Do I go to sprint and say your phone works fine till I put a skin on and then it doesn't?
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    Could I have gotten a pre with a prox sensor with a lower level of sensitivity?

    Phantom skinz is sending me new skinz and I'm not sure if I should apply and go to a sprint store to get advice if it still messes up the phone app.

    Very tempted to put it on and go visit my sister whom works right next door to palm .. Have lunch with my sister (she can by as she makes more than me) and then after go to the lobby and request some help. Could go ether way they could be interested in the problem or they could say I need to get an RMA or something to that affect.

    Oh well I like to have a protective skin on so I will keep trying.
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