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    How does one erase his palm profile? I went into the backup app on my pre and turned off backups, which it said would remove my palm profile....

    I doctored my phone and when it restarted proceeded to log into my palm profile, and it downloaded all of my apps again. So obviously my palm profile wasn't removed. What is up with that?

    I know I can log in using a different email and then switch it after the fact, but it's kind of annoying that I can't remove the profile on the device. Does anyone have any comment?
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    Sometimes it can take about thirty minutes for the profile to sync up to the server and tell it to remove everything from the profile. Try waiting for a little bit before signing back into your profile after doing a full erase (and turning backup off).
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    I didn't think that the profile existed on the device (but rather on the Palm servers)... (am I not understanding your question?).
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    I'm a bit confused on what you want. Turning off backups should delete any Synergy type information; contacts accounts, email accounts, messaging accounts, etc. Your apps will always be attached to your account. If you delete an app off your device via the launcher or by normal means it shouldn't redownload after next time you sign into the Palm Profile. Technically the Profile will always have those apps attached to the account, how would you feel if you bought NFS:U and then you had to WebOSDoctor and then App Catalog tells you that you need to pay $10 again. Having Palm Profile prevents this.

    Are you planning to give this Pre to someone else or something? I'm having trouble understanding your purpose here.

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