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    Which ones I USE?! man ! my favorites are OBVIOUSLY led notifications, then comes every type of information on device menu, youtube downloader.

    im sure there are more but i dont remember i love patches!
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    1st. Multiple cards conversation
    2nd. uTube download
    3rd. Multiple laucnher pages
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    Enable landscape email
    Hide Nascar
    Capture with all keys for camera
    swipe to delete
    Delete from notification
    4x4 v3
    Battery icon and percent
    Scrim contacts
    Disable charge alert
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    Way too hard to pick one...I have 76 patches, lol, and I wouldn't want to give any up. MUST HAVES:
    -Enable Add/Delete Pages
    -Named Pages in the Launcher (w/Gesture Tap for Info & Delete)
    -4x4 Icons v3
    -Battery Icon and Percent
    -Change Number of Bookmarks on Startpage
    -Close on Hangup
    -Confirm Delete Email
    -Delete from Notification
    -Device Menu Megamix
    -Enable Landscape EVERYTHING! ('s 4 separate patches)
    -Enable LED Notifications
    -Hide App Vendors
    -No Alert During Call
    -Read/Delete All Email
    -Reset to First Page
    -Slider Answers to Speaker
    -Swipe to Delete Videos
    -Video Downloads

    and many more....are you kidding me? How can anyone not want these patches? I'm sorry for all the dev's who I didn't include because your stuff rocks, too...but 76 lines and I don't type very fast! Thanks to all who made this possible!
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    My favs are def the dialpad, the battery percentage, and the LED notifications. those are the ones i use the most i do like the download from youtube patch too. I had to do a hard reset of my phone last night and i thought i would have to reinstall the patches but it seems like atleast a few are still here.
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    Roam only. In the Buffalo NY area Sprint coverage is very spotty with a lot of dead zones. Verizon coverage is perfect. On roam only I get 4 - 5 bars no matter where I am. Amazing.

    This patch kept me with Sprint. I even got a get out of jail free card where I had to send my Pre back and they were going to waive my ETF. I cant see paying $60 more a month for Verizon (2 phones).
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    I have approximately 25 patches, so obviously I need/use all of those. However, my "most used", in the sense that it affects so much of the actual communication I do on my phone, is probably SMS Tones per Contact. I have to say that the couple of times recently that I had to run a vanilla phone (due to equipment swaps), sucked, and I really hated being without ALL my patches.
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    4x4 icons (Ill try 5x4)
    Landscape messaging.
    Landscape PDF
    Flashlight id Device mode (favorite )
    No refresh After Idle (for browser)
    Reduce Minimum brightness
    Timespamps on messages
    Call duration in call log
    Battery incon and %
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    i need them all. if not than i dont want a pre.. But my #1 is open new msgs conv in new card patch is top for me.."the with a new card per person you msgs.
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    multi-scrim is my favorite
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    great thread
    disable alert sound when charging
    battery percentage icon
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    I used to be a patch/homebrew holdout as I was coming off a bad winmo experience. I just installed my first patch last week (led notifications) and wow I'm hooked! The added functionality is nothing short of amazing and very puzzling that palm ignores these simple fixes.

    updated, now I'm using 4x4 v3 but I will try 5x4. I'm also using add/name launcher pages which makes organising much easier. Close slider to end call except headset and landscape email and messaging. Finally I added the VK. All I have to say is I can never go back. Big ups to all the devs. And much easier to live with than modded winmo phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qst4 View Post
    Enable Add/Delete Pages, Select Alert and Notifications, Disable Charging Alert sound, hide Nascar and NFL Apps, Default to Month View.
    Palm really needs to implement these ones. Users definitely should have the option to control certain notifications and being forced to have certain apps on your phone is ridiculous.

    Virtural Keyboard. I could get by without this one as I don't use it consistently, but its a very nicely done patch and when I do use it, I'm happy its there.

    Enable add/delete pages is my most important patch. I wish they would combine this with how the old palm OS would classify its launcher pages as system, utilities, games etc. which is essentially how I use it now just without the labels. Being able to label or classify a page would be nice.
    actually a new patch called "named pages in launcher" labels pages now and u can edit the page name to your likening. it also allows you to tap the names and it bring up a list of all pages and u can tap to go to that page! very nice and useful
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    Landscape Patches for Messaging and Email. These I use the most. Also, 4x4 and add pages to Launcher
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    Quote Originally Posted by qst4 View Post
    Enable add/delete pages is my most important patch. I wish they would combine this with how the old palm OS would classify its launcher pages as system, utilities, games etc. which is essentially how I use it now just without the labels. Being able to label or classify a page would be nice.
    I think you want my recent patch, then.
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    SMS Tone per Contact! Honestly, hard to believe that Palm shipped a smartphone with the SAME friggin tone for everything - voicemail, SMS, battery, the power button accidentally pushed too long in your pocket... yes, 1.3.5 added the ability to distinguish a SMS tone from other tones, but still very nice to be able to tell who is texting you.

    Battery icon +%
    Landscape email
    Clean timestamp SMS

    Love those patches!! Now if we can get Palm to pay you to include them in 1.4.1 or .2....
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    Hide (Nascar, NFL, etc)
    4x4 v3
    I want to try the battery oercentage. That sounds great!
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