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    I was wondering because I was playing with my moms rumor and it had live wallpapers. It would be a really cool thing to have. And I was thinking if the rumor could have it then It shouldn't be to complicated.
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    interesting idea. Be cool if webos could have live wallpapers!!
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    That'll help the battery life.....
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    its just a gimik that google used for marketing. I don't care much for live wallpapers.
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    Kinda like Windows Vista pushing the Aero effect... most people I know who ran Vista turned it off because of memory usage.
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    i had it on my windows 7 machine and love it.
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    You could probably figure out a way to make an animated GIF your wallpaper, but I wouldn't want it myself.
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    Oh come on having a bikini girls washing your screen 24/7 would be fun. But so far this is not impressive nor is much else about any 2.1 android devices.
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    Probably so but I'd rather use the already taxed battery life elsewhere.
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