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    Thanx, TIwizard.
    You saved me the work.
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    merged 5 (24) threads.
    It's actually pretty easy to see if a thread on a subject is already started.
    Just click on the 'Search' at the top of our forum, choose 'Advanced'
    Type the number 24, choose to only search titles.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Did anyone see the new season premiere of 24??

    The woman at CTU has the palm pre and looks like she would be using the patch "slide to en calls". It looks nice on tv huh...
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    there are 3 long threads about this try a forums search of 24
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    saw a CTU agent using the PRE in the first two episodes of the new season.

    She must use patches since she hung up a call by closing the slider
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossm812 View Post
    I have spotted the pre in the hands of Horatio on CSI Miami as well as Dr. Brennan on Bones.... Many episodes however on CSI it is kind of bogus bc the one episode shows H talking to a few of the other csi-s via video chat on the pre's screen which is physically not possible hehe....
    Not entirely true! It is physically possible to have Pre as speakerphone with video on screen from the other end of call. Not that such an app exists, nor services ready in webOS, yet.
    Didn't exist on the day they were shooting the scene, anyway.
    Video chatting both ways, that can't be done. Not without some extra apparatus, e.g. mirror - and webOS 1.4.
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    I think I know why Jack Bauer doesn't have a Pre-- He needed to send video in this episode, so they gave him an Instinct.

    They wouldn't want people walking into Sprint stores hoping for such futuristic high-tech features, like taking and sending videos lol.
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