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    I will start by saying that I currently use a Droid on VZ, however I did try a Pre on Sprint but in my city, there is no 3G for Sprint and so I took it back. Now that Pre is going to VZ I need some advise. I loved the Pre for the 24 hours that I had it but was very nervous about the battery. If I get the largest Seido battery for the Pre will I get a entire days use out of it? I use GMail on the Droid, will the GMail work great on the Pre? I have 1300 customers on my Droid/GMail and it must work well. My secretary would freak if we lost this info. What would I really miss going from the Droid to the Pre? I just want the smaller form factor and the WebOS. Any suggestions would be great. Droid is nice but it is big and bulky. The N1 still has flaws and quirks. Can I get a extended battery that works with the Touchstone?
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    you won't lose your GMail contacts because of the phone. That's on Google.

    GMail works great on the Pre.

    You should be fine with that battery, but of course, it all depends on your usage.

    as far as what you would miss on the Droid? The screen is nicer. The build quality is better. It remains to be seen which video camera will be better. Pre's still camera is better but lacks a lot of options.

    Android has more apps.

    From what you said you're looking for, you won't go wrong with the Pre, but you're not going to gain or lose a ton either way.
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    Don't forget that WebOS 1.3.5 just upgraded the battery life a bit didn't it?
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    Mounting a touchstone in the car eliminated any battery shortcomings for me. When I'm in the car my Pre is on the touchstone, so it stays charged. Now if you are in an office all day, you could put a touchstone on your desk.
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    If you use the Seidio 2600, you should EASILY get a full days use out of it even if you are absolutely hammering on it. I am constantly txting, surfing, using Pandora and checking email on my Pre. I always leave the Wifi and GPS on and I don't think I've ever managed to get the battery below 35% or so during even the harshest day of use. I've had it last a couple days without being charged with more moderate use.
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    Will the VZ version have 1.3 or 1.4 OS?
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    All webOS phones will get 1.4 in February, but IDK if the Verizon one's will come loaded with it.
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    The battery life on my pre is excellent. I can get a good 2 days with medium usage and I am using the stock battery.
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    i get a good 2days out of the standerd battery while txting and quite alot of web browsing like on here facebook myspace cheking bank accounts hotmail and ive nly updated 2 2day
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidlw View Post
    If I get the largest Seido battery for the Pre will I get a entire days use out of it?
    try Seidio 1350, should be good enough for a day, seidio 2600 will bulk up the size alot, which I dont like, of course you might not care about that.

    also, on ebay you can get authentic Pre battery for $10, for the price of seidio 2600, u can get 6 of them, they would last you a whole week.

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