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    .....via handset and vifi and only thing ive realy noticed is in device info clik preferences and thers a menu sayin quick tests and interactive test although im not sure if they were ther on v1.3.1 wich is wat i upgraded from,i havent actualy noticed anything else at all

    or is it just me?
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    no the quicktest was there from day one. i am verifying
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    Ive got nothing so far. gunna reset device and try again
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    and stuck on reboot :0 oh crap
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    it was a tiny upgrade. i think a calendar fix or something.
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    not showing anything here in New Jersey
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    Quote Originally Posted by harold42483 View Post
    not showing anything here in New Jersey was only for Europe...
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    that makes sense
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    but i was updating from 1.3.1 not

    only had my pre christmas eve so i dont no much about the updates

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