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    Anyone got experiences with O2 Germany in terms of exchanging pre's?

    How long does it take to get a new one?

    thanks for the info!
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    First off, O2 will not will not WILL NOT exchange Pres or give you a new one, they will only ever repair it for you.

    On November 28, I sent my Pre in at the O2 Munich Flagship store because the Oreo effect had become too strong to bear on my device. They don't want to repair it on warranty at first, saying "Pres are like this" but relent after I ask them if they would accept the answer "Your car is like that" when bringing in their cars for warranty repair.
    After giving them my Pre, they say they can't give me any documents because "their email isn't working". But I'm getting a handwritten note on the back of a O2 flyer.

    Not having heard of them by December 10, I call the hotline and am told that the device had been at the store since December 4. Not thinking anything of them not having called to tell me, I go to the store to pick up my Pre: but my baby that I've never dropped now had two deep, scratches smack in the middle of the display. These weren't casual scratches but profound grooves; I don't even know how they managed that short of taking a screwdriver to it.

    So I immediately draw their attention to it, have them ring up my original order to prove that it didn't have any scratches before, and have them set up a new order repairing the scratches for free.
    Again, I do not get any documents or even handwritten notes because "we can't find out the shipment number yet". But the team supervisor tells me she's going to send me an email with scans of the documents later that day. No such thing happens. I do receive an email the day after, but the scans enclosed are for somebody else in another town having different problems with her Pre. I email back to call her attention to the blunder and get an email with my proper stuff the day after.

    Not having heard of them by December 21st, I call the hotline. Hotline is flabbergasted at the concept of there being another order, I should go to the shop and talk to them. So I do. At the shop, they tell me that Hotline is an *****, that they're no slackers, and that my Pre has, of course, left the shop when I was last there. My Pre is coming back repaired tomorrow, or the day after. Before Christmas. Promise.

    On December 28, I call hotline again. Hotline tells me that my Pre is in transit because logistics has received it on December 22nd. The day after I went to the shop to inquire as to why the christ my Pre hasn't even been SENT yet - the day after they told me they had sent it away on the 10th. Coincidence?

    On January 8, I receive a note from logistics that scratches and other mechanical aberrations are not covered by warranty. I can pay 110 euros to get it repaired, 25 euros to get it back unrepaired, or have them destroy it for free. FOR DAMAGES THEY INFLICTED TO MY PHONE.
    I call logistics to tell them I didn't scratch my phone and that I have proof in O2's original repair order. They tell me they don't care, it's obviously my scratch because their repairmen don't break phones and that I still have ten days to make up my mind about paying. I could also ask O2 to help me out.
    I call O2 to tell them. They tell me they don't care, it's up to logistics to either admit a mistake or not. O2 didn't repair the phone or get it to the workshop, so they can't do anything for me, really sorry about that.
    I call my lawyer. He tells me German law dictates an ultimatum be given before action can be taken. O2 are given time until January 21st to restore my Pre to me. I could seek damages after that. Letter goes out to O2.

    On January 12, O2 call me to tell they're going to do something about it and I'm about to be called back in an hour or so with more information. No such thing happens. On January 14th, I call hotline. Hotline says that the Pre has been repaired and delivered to the shop. I go to pick it up, but at the shop they have no idea what I'm talking about. They didn't receive anything. After some clamoring, the supervisor calls logistics who tell him that "they have received order to repair and will proceed". Apologies for having to come in to the shop. WHY exactly hotline told me what they did is a mystery to everybody.

    On January 16th, the O2 store manager calls me and says she will call back in a minute. No such thing happens. But she does write me an eMail that night apologizing and saying that I will have my Pre back on January 19th.

    Today, on January 19th, I get a call from logistics saying the parcel has left the house and I will "probably" be able to pick it up at the store tomorrow "or the day after". The day after would be the 21st -- the last day of my legal ultimatum. Again, coincidence?

    My experience with O2s customer service is therefore that they will only stop trying to screw you once you threaten legal action, at which point they will be the slowest they can be without opening themselves up for litigation.

    I have been a customer with O2 since before they were even called that - my original SIM card that I only had to exchange for a new, 3G-capable one when I got my Pre still says "VIAG Interkom" - and have never, not once, needed their customer support. The one time I do, they try to fraud me out of 100 euros.

    This is a 100% true story without dramatization or addition. I highly doubt it happens everytime somebody sends a Pre in for warranty, but it certainly did happen to me. I really hope your mileage will vary should you decide to send yours in.
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    EXACTLY the same experience as GSH!!

    Bought Pre, oreo effect, no change even though it was 3 days old, repair center, 4 weeks later pre came back, massive scratches on display, argument with pre sales team in frankfurt, was sent in again, 1 week later new pre came.

    Funny story aside. Even the O2 salesman has exactly the same problem!! Pre sent to repair, came back with scratches. Story goes on.

    O2 really does s***!! Luckily my contract is on vodafone!!
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    These kinds of happening are the exact reason why I'm so reluctant to get a webOS device (/high tech devices) outside of my country. The Pre has been available in Norway (out of stock for a long(?) while), and the cost is only about 1300 USD.

    But if getting it from abroad and not being able to drop by the shop or threaten with legal actions in case one encounters an issue and they try to screw you over — scary thought.

    And **** does happens ...
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    I don't think this is directly related to Palm or O2 in that matter, thees types of things happen wherever you go, just unlucky coincidence. It could happen if you buy a car or if you buy a refrigerator.

    It's shame that in such cases there's not enough customer support

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