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    i use between 4.0 and 4.7 every month on my Pre and my gr on his Pixi use 1.2gb. and i don't use my tether.
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    I downloaded almost 7 gig in about 3 or 4 days then all of a sudden no more tether it just quit working. Any one have any ideas? Fortunately the power button broke off my old phone and I have a brand new Pre free of charge running 1.2.1 and everything is working like a charm so far, no update for me until a solid one.
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    i only use about 50-100mb, but im around a wifi source 90% of the time.
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    Hmm, it says number is displayed in kb, so 1922KB. I usually have data off since I'm always around wifi and no EVDO in area. Rarely put data on as 1X data speeds are sad .
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    Gosh, thank goodness you guys aren't on poor old AT&T, or they'd be out of business by now!

    Each month, I'm usually right at 75MB on the Storm2 and 100MB on the Pre. Both spend most of their lives near a hotspot, though.
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    I use 2-3gb a month..I'm about to get an Acrhos 7 internet tablet installed in my car and gonna use my tether to get internet on it...I'm glad its really unlimted on a phone...
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