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    However, I learned I can, for $42 a year add $600 coverage per phone (wife's and Mine) on my St Farm homeowners coverage. No deductible. To replace lost or damaged phone I can go to a Sprint store , buy and inspect a new one ( vs refurb) immediately. Insurance will reimburse me for whatever I paid.
    Savings per year $7x12mos x2 phones = 168 with asurion vs $42 for both from St Farm. Sounds too god to be true? My agent is trustworthy , but I would love confirmation if anyone has gone this route?
    I basically went this route with State Farm. Except I don't have a homeowners plan to attach a rider to, so I have a Personal Articles Policy that covers my firearms and electronics. The phones come to $48 per year for coverage for 2 phones, almost exactly what you have.

    It makes sense that yours would be a little cheaper as a rider than mine, which is basically a stand-alone policy. Like I mentioned above, no claims made on the policy yet, but I know my coverage looks just fine from the paperwork and from talking to my agent.
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    get it if u feel like getting a new refurbished pre every now and then you can take advantage of it. I know I do. =)
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    Reading this thread convinced me to take it off. I'd had the 450 plan with a $7 discount, so the insurance was basically free.

    Hopefully I didn't jinx myself.
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    We have always had the insurance on our phones. I don't see why it wouldn't be worth it.

    Our daughters had Touch Pros with failing keyboards, a common problem with the phone. I went through several myself before switching to the Pre. Anyway... I took their phones in to have them replaced and Sprint sent them out with Pres since we had had so many keyboard fails.

    Had we not had the insurance... We would have just had broken phones.

    When you have a high end phone, insurance is a must.
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    I have both the Sprint protection and the Best Buy protection. Is that overkill? I really don't like paying for both, but it does make me feel a little better knowing that I'm protected. Does anyone else pay for both?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ejohnnyk View Post
    I agree. It's worth every penny.

    I must say, if you pay for insurance for years and years on end, never use it, and finally have to - you can easily wiggle your way out of the deductible.

    If it's within the first year of owning the phone and you didn't cause the damage, I've had the store replace it free of charge with a new one.
    And if you pay for insurance for years on end, and never use it, you likely have paid way more in insurance that the replacement cost of the phone..
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