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    Phone died yesterday while out with friends for 6 hours, no extra usage just texting a little, browsing a little.......Getting very tired of this PHONE!!! ok I feel better now
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    Get an extended battery
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    The seido 2800 was such a worthwhile investment for my phone. Whether that's a feasible solution to the OP or not, just throwing it out there.
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    The short battery life is a trade off for such a small smart phone. Getting a bigger battery will make the phone a little bigger and that may be what you need. At least you have options. A lot of the smartphones do not have options for battery upgrades.
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    I would take your phone into a sprint repair center and see if the battery is ok, or do interactive tests to see for yourself, I have had three Pre's and never had any battery issues what so ever and this is coming from a person who uses the phone all day, plus is always in and out of coverage,

    One thing i think that helps big time to save my pre when not in the best coverage areas like my job and believe it or not home is Wifi which is always left on!

    Make sure your brightness is always to the lowest setting, email is set to as arrives (although that seems to not be working these days with 1.3.5) as well makes sure your not logged in aim/gtalk/yahoo all day ... also running nav in the background will kill your battery in less than an hr's time! Also don't let it become a habit of having your phone complelely drain out as they could wear the battery prematurely! I leave my phone on the charger at night all night till the morning, sometimes i dont even charge it all all and it still gets me through most of the day ...Just some things i have found out for myself!

    PS- i would be cautious of the touchstone as i have heard mixed stories of it not properly charging the pre (in a complete manor) versus the oem plug in charger ... just my 2c
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    I agree, love my phone but once in a while, I will be out and doing not much and the battery life is short. Other times it will go like crazy.

    I have Sedieo extended (normal size one) did not notice any difference.

    I noticed the last couple of weeks I have got in the habit of putting it on my touchstone while at work and on the car charger (when in the car).
    I have much less battery stress.

    But I think there are random times where the phone is in some mode just consuming the battery.
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    I had the issue a few weeks ago where it went from a full charge to no charge within four hours with no use to speak of. I went to the Sprint repair store for this and other reasons, and they told me it is usually not a battery issue when the battery drains fast. Most likely a problem with the phone it self. I have not had this issue before and since I had dropped my phone which had caused other issues I assumed this was related. They game me a refurb and I kept the same battery and I have not had any issues for the last two weeks.
    So in my case it was not battery related. I can usually go all day with moderate use. But, it is just the nature of the beast. This type of phone uses more power than one which only makes calls or does txting.
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    This phone has battery life?
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    If you are leaving wifi on, try turning it off. I know it's supposed to use less power than 3g, no need to reply with that. Many people are having heavy battery drainage with wifi on since 1.3.5. With wifi off, I really have no complaints about the batter, hopefully Palm fixes the wifi issue with 1.4.
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    I have the Seidio 2600 battery, and I couldn't be happier. For as much as I use my phone, the stock battery is definitely not enough. Now with those battery killing 3d games coming out, there is no way you can play any of them for any period of time and still make it through your normal day with the stock battery. Yes, it makes the phone fatter, yes, you can't use your touchstone, but those are small trade offs. Being able to pound on your phone all day, and still have 30% or so left at the end of the day without charging it every time you are in your car or close to an outlet is so worth it to me!
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    You can adjust your settings to increase battery life:

    I purchased a 2250 mAh battery for $23 (shipped) on ebay and am very happy with it. It does,however,increase the size of the phone,but that doesn't bother me.

    You can buy two replacement batteries on ebay for $11 (shipped);look for:


    Carry a spare battery (or two) or get an extended battery and don't worry about battery life on the Pre.
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    poor poor bouch48 i feel for you
    please direct all complaints here:
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    go on for the seller SMAVSTORE They sell extended batteries for 19.99 free me and my wife palm pre lasts me all day..I feel comfortable leavin out without a full charge. It's a 2250 mah
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    I noticed that if you keep wifi on it increases the pres standby time cuz it's not using the 1x or ev network. I went from 6 hours of use to about ten hours
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    Quote Originally Posted by bouch48 View Post
    Phone died yesterday while out with friends for 6 hours, no extra usage just texting a little, browsing a little.......Getting very tired of this PHONE!!! ok I feel better now
    i have actually brought my charger out with me and plugged it in at a bar. i didn't like that. i always plug it in when in my car and make sure the battery is full before going out.

    but still, you never know where the night is going to take you; my raving background often lands me in spots that i leave the house at 10pm and don't come back until noon the next day. i've heard good things about the 2600 extended battery, and am going to give it a try. i feel like the size might bother me a little (since i LOVE the pre's form), but i bet it'll be worth it!
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    A lot of times sprint will just give you an extra battery if you complain a little. (also if its made in Japan it's a bad one. Sprint WILL replace it for a Korean battery.)

    Good luck

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    Centra and Pre batteries are the same. I have two batteries from my old Centra. So I use the Centra as a battery charger. I keep one in the Centra charging, one charged spare and one in the Palm Pre. Works out great.

    I love the Pre but there are so many Centra features that they left out of the Pre.
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    well I knw the battery is an issue, but not for me at all, I bought an xtra batt. N an xtra charger that I can put the xtra batt in a leave it charging, when I go out I always have an xtra batt. Charged by the time I get home I'm on my second batt. But I plug the dead one bac and so I'm always able to have my phone going, I got the batt charger fr precentral, is like a little black box
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    So I've changed my email from every hour to once a day. This seems to dramatically increase my battery life. Also and I'm not exactly sure how, I still seem to get my mail throughout the day (Like it's being "pushed" or something).

    I take my phone off charger at 6am, by 530pm after several phone calls texting, some downloading and bluetooth streaming pandora for two 30 min car rides I still get on average 35 to 40% battery and this is with the stock battery.

    I turn the backlight as low as possible.
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