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    Phone died yesterday while out with friends for 6 hours, no extra usage just texting a little, browsing a little.......Getting very tired of this PHONE!!! ok I feel better now
    I went from being a fully active consultant to a shut-in (I severely broke my leg). I'm getting about 2 days per charge. Light texting, maybe about an hour of phone a day.

    What extra services are you running? I'm manually checking emails (i.e. no pull / push). No messenger services. Decent signal at home.

    I think the key with this phone is to Sym+Org+R nightly (or every other day). When I was active the phone would go 7:00 -> bedtime most days (except heavy days - then it got charged in the car). I'd reboot as it went onto the charger.
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    There is certainly an issue here. I find that my battery is incredibly inconsistent - I find that it's drained to 40% or 50% by 13:00 and by 18:00 it's dead if I don't charge it - that's with it being in my pocket most of the day unused because I'm at work. If I'm streaming music over bluetooth the battery life reduces to about 2 hours from a full charge. More than once I've watched it jump from 17% to 0% with the message "the phone will shut down very soon".


    Signal is good and forced to 2G (GPRS)
    GPS always off
    Email 'as arrives'
    Screen Brightness 50%
    No cards left open

    I have 3 batteries and they all behave the same way. If/when Palm make a sequel to this phone I think they must be uncomfortably aware of the poor battery life. Hopefully that will be one of the improvements.
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    Seems like after every update my battery life has improved, but I have also done things to help my battery life by doing the following, using the SR 500 patch, Mugen 1400 battery, wifi turned off when I leave my home, GPS turned off (apps automatically turns GPS on/off when needed), email set to check every 30 minutes and instead of having my IM on when I am away from home, I check it every hour or so. Typically, when my Pre is idle, it uses around 1% per hour and have no problem going all day with medium use and still have plenty of battery left at the end of the day.
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