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    plug pre into computer via USB- nothing. Doesnt recognize it at all. I cant ever perform webDR.

    Dont many restarts and removing the battery....any other suggestions?
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    Same thing happened here.... restart your PC... worked for me
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    +1 restarting the PC has always fixed the problem for me
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    if that doesn't work try another pc
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    What you need to do is turn off your phone, you then plug in your usb to a wall outlet while holding up on the volume key until a big usb icon appears on your screen. Click on help it will tell you the steps right there.
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    Usually, by restarting the PC you are, in essence, restarting NovaCom. If you open up your computer's Services and turn Novacom back on it should do the same thing.
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    Thx all- the cpu restart did the job.

    little czr- that only works if your computer can see the USB link, but thx anyway.

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