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    Everyone is saying how much better the Pre Plus' keyboard is and how it is similar to that of the Pixi's. Nonetheless, the Pixi keyboard is supposedly
    "the best."

    But honestly, I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
    I happened to be in a Sprint store today and got a chance to mess around with the Pixi and quite frankly, I preferred the Pre's (Non-Plus version) keyboard.

    The Pixi's was very "clicky" and annoyingly noisy. If I had to quickly type a text or even take notes during a business meeting, I would find it hard to be discrete with the Pixi keyboard. The Pre's is practically silent and I have no issues with speed and accuracy.

    Furthermore, the Pre's keyboard has a slight curve to it (most noticeably the top row) which is more ergonomic versus the Pixi's more boxy design.

    Am I missing something here? Can someone please tell me what the great improvement is with the new Pre Plus and Pixi keyboard. I for one am very satisfied with the original design.
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    I actually agree with you. The Pixi keyboard is too clicky and the buttons protrude to far out. It would be hard for me to type quickly on it. Nevertheless, I can see how some people may like it much better.
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    its much easier to type on the Pixi keyboard. I thought the same when I was testing it at the store at first but after my wife picked up a pixi and i had the opportunity to use it more it is way nicer then the pre's keyboard once you get used to it a little.
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    What exactly is different about the Pre Plus keyboard besides Palm stamping out orange?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmaSlave4U View Post
    What exactly is different about the Pre Plus keyboard besides Palm stamping out orange?
    the buttons stick out more and are more clicky
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    I'm guessing from the descriptions that the Pixi keyboard is more like my Treo 680, which if true I reckon that it'll be much better than the Pre. The more pronounced keys are much easier to feel properly and the click gives you better feedback than the Pre's dull flump. My mate now has the 680 and occasionally I use it for something - I really miss that keyboard.

    IMO the Pixi is the one true form factor, - no sliding in/out all the time and allows better keys.

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