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    I too went from the Curve to the Pre...Then to the tour for a bit, and right back to the pre. I love blackberry's, but the pre is so hard to beat IMO. Now the tour 2 will be different, since it will have wifi and the trackpad which is pretty slick. I always found myself preferring the blackberry's for my business (treo's before the blackberry's), but i've gotten pretty hooked on the media aspect of the phone. Great UI. It's going to be pretty hard to get away from a touch screen now.

    I will say this, the battery life is pretty bad where I am. I am somewhat of a heavy user, but it never bothers me since I have a touchstone on my desk and a car charger. I also live in a hilly/mountainous region. Without a mid day charge and normal usage I would probably last about 6-8 hours.

    I do love the blackberry design. They have come a long way. But it's going to be difficult for me to move away from the pre and new designs. I really didn't think it would be tough for me to move away from the touchscreen the week I had the tour, but I really missed it.

    Do they make a touchpad for your car that would be slick for charging.

    May the Pda be with you!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tritan View Post
    If you find a link to this review that would be great.
    Here it is
    Quote Originally Posted by tritan View Post
    Can you back up your whole device like you could on the old Palm OS?
    there are a few third party desktop syncing apps out there but none have the simplicity of palm desktop (not that palm desktop was a dream to use or anything...) but as of now Out of Box (palm syncs your contacts, calendar, memos, bookmarks, cookies, and app catalog apps
    Quote Originally Posted by tritan View Post

    I wonder if you can get just texting on the pixi and no web I know you can't get that on the blackberries they lock you into a web price of 30.00 for the whole thing.
    problem is do you really want to cripple your pixi to just wifi ... many apps use the web, stick with a data plan and youll be a happier camper .. financially as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by tritan View Post
    Also can you sync with a Mac?
    read above same for mac
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    Quote Originally Posted by yungwunn911 View Post
    i did....

    bb tour-->pre--->tour--->pixi

    i have a review somewhere around here comparing the tour to the pre, i will updateit soon with my thoughts on the pixi.

    overall, i liked the tour over the pre. Tour is more solid, stable, snappier, yet "boring-er" than the pre...

    pixi is the same, however, i like the keyboard.
    You are using the pixi now? I find my Tour slow. I don't know why but i get hang ups all the time just hitting send after typing an email or trying to create a text .. I have the spinning black wheel of death all the time. I have cleaned logs, deleted emails, sms and cleared cache with no luck on the speed. I heard it was a Tour issue and that is part of the reason for Tour 2 . Tour one has an underpowered processor.

    May the Pda be with you!!
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