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    Ok, Iíve looked through the walkthrough over at everything pre as for how to sync your music. Windows media player recognizes my palm pre in USB mode and says it successfully syncs, but when I disconnect my pre and open up the music player, none of my music plays and none of the album cover art syncs. On top of that the file names of some tracks come up as [untitled track]. I have also tried to just drag and drop my music onto my pre and I get the same results. I have Windows 7 and Iím pretty sure media player is still version 10 as in vista. Has anybody had this problem or is there another way of syncing my music so it will work. I have not tried doubletwist or Salling Media Sync as listed here at precentral, but is it not the same process? My problem isn't syncing, its getting the music to work after I Sync or drag and drop music.
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    Are they in mp3 format?
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    Sorry, yes they are in MP3 format. Some of the songs I converted to MP3 from youtube videos but others are paid, none of them work.
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    WMA files (the default for the Windows Media Player) do not play on the Pre, you need to convert your music to MP3.
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    Hmm. You should be able to just put them on the USB drive and the Pre should recognize them...
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    Ok, so I tried doubletwist just for argument sake and it was successful but the album art still has not synced. I dont know why media player cant sync the exact same files to my pre.

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