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    My client is interested in buying a new Palm smartphone (Pre or Pixi). There are three questions about compatibilities:

    1. Can both Pre and Pixi do Code Division Multiple Access/CMDA to use in foreign countries like Japan and Korea?

    2. Are old datas be easily transferrable from an old Palm Treo 680 to a Pre or Pixi? Here are two issues with the data migrations:
    a. My client still uses an old Dell PC machine that runs in an updated Windows 2000 SP4 and Franklin Covey. He does not use Outlook or anything for addressbooks, calendars, memos, etc. He does have Palm Desktop that came from Franklin Covey. On his upcoming, he plans to use his Apple MacBook Pro (Mac OS X v10.5.8) for Hotsync to backup.
    b. He uses chinese characters from CJKOS (, beside English, on his PDA. This is VERY important to have.

    3. Can old accessories (e.g., BlueTooth), that work with Treo 680, still be used for Pre and Pixi Plus?

    4. Are there any other good places specific to people using asian characters in Palm PDAs like Pres and Pixi?

    Thank you in advance.
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