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    I am so excited to play some old school zelda on my pre! Anyone know where I go to get the files that are needed to play the there a price for each game file?... Thanks in advance!
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    Just Google "Game Boy Roms" and you'll find a plethora of sites with downloads available.
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    lol slick
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    i think it gets the point across just fine
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    not allowed to post links sorry
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    [url= Files - Gameboy Advance Files[/url]
    GBA games don't work too well...
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    its a great start
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    its a great start
    Agreed. GB and GBC run great. GBA will get better with future releases.
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    Rock'n some mario cart right now!! I LOVE WEBOS-INTERNALZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!
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    Great player. Have top download some GC games and play those.
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    Love this app it rocks playing the good old games but ive noticed that some games have bigger game screens then others, is there anyway to make them bigger, cos some of them are like half of the size of the pre screen
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    does anyone know if there are any cheat functionabily built into the app?

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