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    Recently, I noticed my Pre would never fall asleep. So I went to the Screen Preferences and saw that it said it would turn off after '7200'. I hadden't been playing around with the code so I could have done it myself. But what was even weirder is that when I tapped it to change the timing, it only said '30 seconds', '1 minute', '2 minutes', and '3 minutes'. '7200' wasn't a choice. This was probably a patch that did this but I don't have any screen timer patches installed. I changed it back to '30 seconds' and it worked perfectly again. Not a problem, just weird because to my knowledge if you change the settings and reboot the Pre it can't have an old setting.
    Here is a few pics. Did my best to show you the options and the current status while it was opening the menu...
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    Do you have a disable screen timer app? There is also a setting in MyTether that does this.
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    I don't have the app but I do have mytether. I have the LCD option turn off though. Probualy didn't change back.
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne

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