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    I plan to sell my Pre next week and have 2 questions.

    1. Should I do a full erase or a Webos DR prior to selling?

    2. I have an Airave, would I be able to sell that when I cancel my service? Would someone be able to activate it after buying it from me?
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    #2 I'm not sure of, but #1 if you're going to give your phone to another person why wouldn't you erase and dr it?
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    Did you buy your airave. Becaue I was given my free. If you got it free, you have to return it or they can charge you for it.

    If not, I'm not sure what your arrangement is.
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    got it I guess I may have return it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyg417 View Post
    got it I guess I may have return it.
    Be very surprised if you had to return it, i notice them on NY craigslist all the time $30

    Regarding wiping it before selling the pre, just do a full erase, unless they know your palm profile how can they access your info?

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