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    I have my gmail account on the PRE and all had worked fine until recently. It may be since but I cant verify that for sure.

    So here is the scenario.

    I either open a picture, the tap to send via email,


    I open email and tap paper clip to attache a pic

    Send the email to myself, whether my gmail account or another POP3 account.

    The mail is received in my Outlook, but the attachement is missing.

    Any one else experiencing this, and if so have you found the issue and how to correct it?


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    40 looks and not even a single thought?

    This is just too wierd...I can email an attachment from another phone, its fine, I can email an attachment from web based email, its fine, I can send an email from Outlook and receive in Outlook its fine.. .. just CANNOT email an att. FROM my PRE and receive in MY outlook..

    BUT to add to the wierdness.. When I email from PRE, Outlook does not show the att. but if I look at that gmail , web based it IS there. If I set my POP to keep on server, and check it via web client, the attach. IS there. just DOES NOT show up on Outlook..

    Just get an email with NO attachment?

    Anyone? Any ideas? Anything??

    Please... Pretty Please????

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