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    I am running webos and have applied a different theme to the phone. Now I am trying to go back to the default, but I can't use preware and the default theme ipk file becuase it doesn't work on this version yet (as far as I know). Can someone point me to the default pre theme in a zip format so I can install with Webos Quick Install?

    Or tell me how else I can go back to the default theme?


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    Use webosqi themer and "revert to default".
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    I forgot to mention that even though I successfully installed a different theme with WOSQI the revert to default button is still greyed out. I cannot click it.

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    I had to use web os doctor (which wouldn't work until i uninstalled and re-installed it on my pc). thankfully the only thing I had to redo was assigning a few ringtones, my profile kept everything else.


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