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    This is what I mean..... While its plugged in if I go to mess with it, the phone freaks out. It looks like things are getting touched and cards are coming up and going down. It brings up the dial pad and calls my voicemail. It is very wierd, like the phone is possesed. Anyone else have a similar issue? It only seems to happen when its charging. Phone is completely stock and less than 19 hours old. Any thoughts?
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    sounds like your using a cheapo chager cable . if you do not buy the one intended for your phone this happens because its not the correct cable.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    cool man, thanks for the info!
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    I had the same problem when I used certain generic Micro USB wall chargers. Despite what some say, there is a difference for the right charger.
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    do an Amazon serach for the official Palm charger for a good price. They actually charger faster too
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    Mine is doing the same thing!!!
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    Just restart it never happens to me after a restart.
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    I, too, have a similar problem, but my charger isn't the problem - all original equipment. My phone is slightly less than a year old, and this issue started a couple months ago. My phone will open random applications, call people, bring up maps, start playing my pitch pipe, and generally misbehave. I am unable to power down or stop these calls/applications once they start. This happens daily but not while charging. A diagnostic on my phone showed perfect operation. Any ideas?
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    mine does it even when not plugged in.. I jus turn the screen off and bck on and den it works.. But I hate when my phone starts touchin itself
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    I ordered a new OEM battery from Amazon since they're like $4. I only charge my phone with the Palm wallcharger + USB cord. Hoping the new battery solves the issue. My phone is practically unusable.
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    You need a doctor.. Or throw your phone off a bridge. One or the other.
    or upgrade to 2.1 and hopefully that bug is gone.
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    Already on 2.1, guess I can re-doctor.
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    I was having this issue. When it happened I would just turn the screen off and back on and the problem would go away temporarily. Unfortunately, the problem turned into my screen being unresponsive.i truly believe both issues are somehow related to the metal connectorinside of the charging port being damaged.
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    it's the charger. Has happened to me when I would use my sister inlaws generic charger. Exact same stuff. Wierd
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    Have the same issue - except it is when plugged into my year old MacBook Pro. Both USB Slots (tried several cables - not the cable).

    It is very bizarre - so much for apple quality.


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