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    I'm sure many of you already know this, but I figured I'd post it anyway, since it is a very helpful shortcut.

    Instead of pressing Sym and using your finger to scroll through the box 'til you find what you need, press Sym and then another key to bring up just certain selections - such as Sym and then "e" if you want to do one of the accent-mark e letters. From there you can either keep hitting the letter you chose until it lands on the symbol you want (then press return to select it) or you can tap on the symbol you want.

    For the unordered list dot, push Sym and period (.). For the degree sign, Sym and zero (0). For smilies, Sym and colon (. There are other letters for the other things, of course, I just wanted to give some examples.

    I hope this helps somebody!
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    Very useful, thanks for the post.
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    Saves a lot of time when writting.

    You can also hit Sym again to get the character. Sym + e + Sym=
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    many may have known this but i didn't. thanks a lot! i'll pass it on.
    Lovin' the Pre. Love It.
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    Extremely useful tip, thanks!
    This completely nullifies my patch request related to this, but I am not at all disappointed!
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    Thanks for the tip.
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    Sym + h to bring up the currency symbols so now I don't have to worry that my Pre has a $ instead of a on the keyboard.

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