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    nfs, smooth as it possibly can.

    i tried to run other apps, seems 3-4 extra is pushing system to slow down. however, the game is still fine, just the cards operation getting slow.
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    along with more memory... verizon will be $20 more a month
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    there's no new processor.
    So what are they referring to in this clip?
    Can it be that they talk about the GPU? Then your right chud311! That has been there from the beginning just not enabled.

    // Beca
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    Those demo guys & gals at the show have a script that they've been given. They often don't know any more than what they were specifically told to say.

    For example, when she was asked about the RAM, she didn't have a clue and denied that it had increased RAM. We know that is does have twice the RAM (512MB) and also twice the storage (16GB), but she couldn't answer the question because she really didn't know.

    The talk about "faster processor" was due to ignorance as well. It has the same processors as the original Pre, but now the GPU is active. The demo people at the show were not given any technical info about that, so all they could say was "it's faster".
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