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    I have been considering getting the big fatty extended battery for my Pre. I use this device almost non-stop (i can kill between 25-32% an hour, easy) and am always plugging in. I've even pulled out the charger when I was hanging out at a bar w some friends. I take it off the charger at about 8:30am, and at about 45% usually by about noon. That's when I'm at work. It's a little worse when I'm not busy working, obviously.

    So, my questions are two:

    First, how much better is the battery life? Based on your experiences, and what I have mentioned of my use, do you think I could go out, crash at a friends house, and have enough juice to call a cab and make it home?

    Second, how fat is it? I have of course obsessively studied the pictures, but I still am kind of unable to tell what I'd think of it. I totally love the Pre's from factor and pocket-ability -will I be disappointed? I understand it will be a little bigger, but I'd just like to know if it's increased size was a shocker to others who have owned it.

    I realize all of the YMMV, personal taste, yada yada yada stuff, but I just wanted to get a feel for what other people are thinking. And yes, I have read all of the reviews. More than once (it gets slow at work...)

    Thanks a ton in advance!!
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    I love it! It allows me to truly use my phone without worrying about running out of juice. It is about the size of the Treo 755.
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    I have been a big fan of my 2600 so far... I use it mostly on long road trips or when on several back-to-back connecting flights (for music on Airplane mode, of course...)

    As for battery life, I get almost three times as much life out of the Seidio... I can go 2 days with moderate use, and it's hard to run it out in a day (i.e. even with 2-3 hours of 3d games waiting in airports, heavy email, 4-5 phone convos, gps all in the same day).

    Form factor is a trade-off, really. It does remove a lot of the smooth, eye-catching nature of the phone. But I find that, if I plan even moderate use of the phone for the day, I'll trade for the bulk. I can still fit the phone in my pants pocket, and not having to baby my Pre (especially in poor coverage areas) is worth the weight.

    My two cents
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    Cool, thanks guys! I have a feeling that the life I get out of it will outweigh the bulk, but I don't know. I really do so love the svelte look of this device. But then, I do so love to use it too!

    Thanks again. I think I'll probably end up ordering one next week. And if I hate it, you'll see me trying to sell it on here!

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