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    I liked Palm Pre from the day since it was announced..

    The hype was kind of gone after some time, cause the device was not available for me (europe), when it was in US..

    I am / was a BlackBerry user, before that i had iPhone for about a year.. and have tried almost all top devices (last three years..)

    When Pre was launched in Europe i was a bit hasitant at first,.. but then eventually i went for it..

    First impressions were not that good,.. I am not fan of a slider phones. The design wasn't "on the level" as my Bold 9000 was / felt.. But the true power of Pre really is in the WebOS.. I've sold my Bold 9000 (the device i was claiming to be the best ever made for almost a year..) cause i wasn't using it anymore due to having a Pre.. I am getting me a Nexus One next week, cause i want to see what's new on android scene.. But i already know, i'll be able to last 1 week with it max, before i start missing my PRE..

    I love the shape of it,.. the speed, the cards, the back gesture,.. LOVE IT!

    I think it's only going to go up from here.. Can't wait for 1.4 to get released.

    I think there are too many threads about "Pre problems" and "negative thoughts.." so i decided to create one that has good things about PRE in it..

    Please share your PRE love and things you love on your / about PRE..
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    i love everything you said plus the touchstone
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    i am a huge fan of webos and the pre. i love the vertical slider design, and the size of the device. the OS is really where it's at though. you know a technology is great when you don't really have to "learn" how to use it; when it kind of makes you say "duh, why isn't this the way everything works?", and you cannot think of any other competing technology as anything other than a step back.
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    063_xobx: yes i agree with you, and i forgot to mention that I also have and love it,.. 10 times cooler then standard cradles / docks

    igobytony: you're right! people can say what they want and everyone has a different taste (don't blame anyone for what they have). From my experience i can say, that WebOS has the most intuitive and convenient way to switch between / interact with / close applications.. I hope Palm keeps it up and continues to impress us.
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    +1 To all the above then add Homebrew, Preware, Apps, Patches and Themes. Top it off with the PreCentral Community and Developers = the best phone experience a person can have.
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    I have problems with my Pre, but I just can't leave either. I used a Hero, I've used an iPhone, every single time I feel myself doing gestures I'd be doing on the Pre and it just reminds me how fluid WebOS really is to use. With all the updates and announcements for WebOS the only thing I can hope for now is super'b build quality in replacement for the Pre. I'm hooked...
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    The Pre has its flaws. I wish the OS was snappier, and I *love* to deal with my friend showing me how is blackberry is instant to get to email and messaging.

    But I showed him NFSU and he said his touch did that. Then I went into card view and started doing something else and then went back to my game. All he said was "Wow. That is nice."

    WebOS is incredible, and it is has only been 7 months. It has an incredibly bright future, and the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will show it off even more. Apple and RIM should start getting a bit worried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    But I showed him NFSU and he said his touch did that. Then I went into card view and started doing something else and then went back to my game. All he said was "Wow. That is nice."
    Right now, this is probably the single best way to demo the Pre. I swear, I can't run an equivalent game on my desktop PC (quad core, 6GB RAM, etc.) and so easily pause it to work on something else.

    Putting these games out was a brilliant move on Palm's part. Now, I just can't wait until I can demo Hulu running in a card, with NFSU paused in its card, and a few others open as well.*

    *Yes, there's a limit to what one can have open when NFSU is running, but so far I've managed three other cards.
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    i love my pre any everthing my pre has 2 offer,i have a few friends with iphones and at 1st they kept tellin me 2 shut up about my **** pre lol,after spending time with them while using my pre most of them are considering geting 1 now,the only thing they dont want 2 lose is the 10's of thousands of USELESS apps wich i cnt realy understand,i love the multi tasking and the gesture area (i love 2 swipe) plus the advantage of having things like filecoaster,being able 2 dwnload hombrew apps without the need of a pc is jst brilliant,i love the style and the qwerty keyboard (wich b4 owning it i didnt think id like the hard keyboard after owning a samsung s5600 and lg viewty) but i think its a great advantage especialy it being a qwerty insted of pressing 2 3 times for the letter c,

    its jst a great phone and mainly thnks 2 the developers of the USEFULL apps and last but not least palm 4 cuming up with the great OS

    im jst glad 2 c a positive thread about the pre
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    +1 Thanks for the great positive post!
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    I was at work today, and I got done soldering some things, then we happened to hop on the subject of phones(we were talking about tethering)..

    The other 2 guys in the shop had an iPhone 3G, and a Droid. I pulled my phone out and said, "yeh this is my little phone, nothin special". First thing I hear from the iPhone guy is "Oh is that the Pre? I was thinking of getting that, can I see it?"

    He starts fooling around with it, then I show him some things and explain how it works, he was saying "oh my phone does that also", I just tell him, "no, nothing close to this" and I begin to show him the gestures.. He was amazed at how intuitive it was, and really liked the keyboard.. He snapped back to the iPhone addict he was and then went straight to saying "I like the iPhone cause all the apps"... I couldnt say much to that besides, give it time.. but I was surprised to say the least that he liked it(didnt like the tiny screen)..

    The Droid guy, well he was just impressed flat out, he was letting me use his phone and then showing me some things, and to say the least he wasnt all that enthused about his phone aside from the massive screen(which is gorgeous).. I brought up games and demo'd that, and he was actually explaining how he would switch if he wasnt past return on the Droid(he loves gaming apparently and Android sucks in that area)..

    My overall impression of the Droid, wasnt impressed, the browser(which I use ALOT) was terrible, combined with no multi touch(he was even having probs demoing it because he'd use the little zoom feature and then it'd select the link right under the button).. I do envy that screen though...

    To my understanding, NEITHER of them were as enthused about their phones as I was, during demo of the thing to them(ran quake and a few web cards and then pulled up music and text) showing off the webOS's potential.. I LOVE my Palm, HATE the hardware.. but I get over it..

    Definitely think my little pebble left a lasting impression on the Droid owner.
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