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    Hey guys, new member here... was tempted in by the Palm Pre themes you were offering so created myself an account and got stuck in
    So, stupidly I managed to read all of the 'How to install themes' guide WITHOUT registering that I wasn't meant to install themes until a few days after an update... just 15mins before I had completed the most recent update to the GSM pre (which I gather has been in the US for a while...)
    Anyway, I installed the theme and it did come up with a few errors (Error 5, if I remember correctly, though I don't remember reading what it said...)
    Anyway... My touchscreen has been faulty for a while now and I'm sending it to be repaired tomorrow, but will installing the theme have any effect on the warranty/insurance? It's a hardware fault, so I'm doubtful, but to be on the safe side I tried to uninstall the theme from my pre. Problem! The option for 'revert to default theme' was greyed out and un-selectable...
    Can you guys help?
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    Sorry, think I've posted this in the wrong place!

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